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Kanji バードン
Romaji Bādon
Country Dowa
Debut Episode 1

Bãdon (バードン, Bādon) is the easternmost ward. Metropolitan. Located at the Eastern end of the country (at the beak of the bird). Bãdon branch have a higher salary than the headquarters. The building of the Bãdon branch and the headquarters are adjacent to each other.

ACCA Headquarters[]


ACCA Headquarters


Inspection Department[]

(First episode 1The Inspection Department (Kansatsuka) is the department in charge of watching over the going on's of each ACCA branch to root out and keep an eye out on corruption and conspiracy. The main office has six members. Owl is the section chief, Jean is second in command, and under them are Knot, Atori, Moz, and Kelly.

Other known offices[]

  • Information Center (Johokanrika)[1]
  • Internal Affairs Department[1]
  • Traffic Safety Department (Kotsuanzenka)[1]

Cafe Nido[]

(First episode 1) Cafe Nido is the Headquarters personal cafe located on one side of the building facing outward.

Branch office[]

Badon branch

ACCA Bãdon Branch West Office



Uniform - Capital Badon Ward

Known locations[]


1 bar


(First episode 1) A bar Jean and Nino have gone out drinking together to.

Bar Tattler[]

(First episode 3) Bar Tattler is another bar visited by Jean and Nino. Jean expressed some of his dismay and happiness at having Mauve's confidence to Nino following his meeting with her.[2]

Bãdon Airport[]

{First episode 2) The local airport in Bãdon.

Bãdon News Station[]

(First episode 1) Bãdon News Station


(First episode 1) Hachikuma is a bakery. Moz once bought roll cake there for her office for their 10 o'clock snack time. And Lotta bought cookies their for a dinner she planned for herself, Nino, and Jean. The latter who reneged in favor of dinner with Mauve.[2]


2 honig


(First episode 2) Honig is a cafe/resteraunt located off the side of a main street and is known for their cakes using nuts. Owl took Lotta there since he couldn't find it on his own. It's two stories tall.


2 Mugimaki


(First episode 2) Mugimaki is a bread shop located near the west branch office. Lotta once requested Jean to buy tomato bread there, where Jean has run into Mauve a few times.[1] Besides tomato flavored bread, they also carry: ichigo (strawberry), kabocha (pumpkin), murasaki imo (purple sweat potato), caramel, mikan, kocha (black tea), maccha (green tea), hachi mitsu (honey), and goma (sesame).

Otus Apartment Complex[]

2 otus apartment

Jean's apartment building.

1 otus penthouse

The penthouse.

(First episode 1) The building is managed by the Otus family. Jean lives with his sister, Lotta, in the penthouse suite. Lotta is the building's manager. 


1 pan


(First episode 1) Pan is a small bakery frequented by the Badon ACCA branch for their delicious donuts. Rail first confronted Jean and hinted at his resentment toward the "elite" during a donut break with his partner. And where Jean cleared up the notion that the main staff gets paid more than the branch members.


2 picadae


(First episode 2) Picadae is a restaurant located across the street the Otus apartment building. They serve chocolate cake, and chocolate sundae.

Ristorante Cafe[]

(First episode 1) A cafe located right beside Pan.


3 Vert


(First episode 3) Vert is a high end restaurant located on 7th avenue in the Korore District. It has a dress code. Jean had a dinner date there with Mauve who wanted to discuss the rumored coup d'tat and wanted to court Jean into being her agent.

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