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Stuffing One's Face with Strawberry in Jomoku
Chapter 6
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 6
Kanji ジュモークでイチゴを頬張る
Romaji Jumōku de ichigo o hōbaru
English Stuffing One's Face with Strawberry in Jomoku
Date July 25, 2014
Issue ISBN 978-4-75-754370-6
Episode Episode 2
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Grossular introduces Crow to the 5 Chiefs, the one who will be observing Jean. Meanwhile, jean arrives at Jumoku Ward for an inspection. He wonders the sudden change from his reservation and upon opening his room found an envelope with a different kind of cigarette inside. Eida appears in the Inspection Agency and talks about Jean. Jean then went to see the Jumoku Branch and found out that their machine is down and decided to eat in a restaurant. Eating a large strawberry, he hears a camera shot behind him and found Nino taking a stolen shot. The two talked outside and Jean tells him about the people that were following him were gone and thanks him for always looking after him. Jean then went back to work. Nino then was seen reporting to Grossular about Jean and the new cigarette he got from Jumoku Ward.