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Jean the Cigarette-Peddler
Episode 1
Episode 1
Kanji もらいタバコのジーン
Romaji Morai Tabako no Jīn
Airdate January 10, 2017
Opening "Shadow and Truth"
Ending "Pale Moon ga Yureteru"
Screenplay 鈴木智尋 - Tomohiro Suzuki
Storyboard 夏目真悟 - Shingo Natsume
Director 夏目真悟 - Shingo Natsume
Animation Director 久貝典史 - Norifumi Kugai
Art Director 吉岡誠子 - Seiko Yoshioka
Chief Animation Director
"Episode 2"

"Jean the Cigarette-Peddler" is the first episode of the ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka and premiered on January 10, 2017.


Dōwā kingdom is comprised of thirteen autonomous districts. Their peace is maintained by a single massive organization, ACCA. Deputy Chief Jean Otus of ACCA Headquarters Inspection Department is in charge of conducting ad hoc audits of the thirteen district branches. As he is about to head to Fāmasu District, however, ACCA's Five Chief Officers announce that the Inspection Department is to be shut down due to its perceived obsolescence in peaceful times...[1]



The episode starts with Jean and Lotta eating breakfast while watching the morning news. It is revealed that the King is celebrating his 99th birthday and there will be various festivities all over Dowa. Jean suddenly tells Lotta that he will be going on a business trip which makes Lotta somewhat annoyed since she had not prepared the things that he will bring yet. Before leaving,Lotta tells Jean that she will be looking forward to the souvenirs.

Jean turns his back and walks away but is shortly called by Lotta while tossing his cigarette case to him saying that he can't leave without his trademark.

At the lobby, a middle-aged man with neatly combed over grey hair calls Jean and offers him a cigarette(which is actually someone he knows which Jean reveals later on). Jean only replies with a smile.

Jean is seen walking outside while smoking, he then receives a text from Pochard which says that he needs to Report to the Headquarters. At the HQ,the female members of the inspection department were goofing around excited about their 10:00 snacks which were cakes. Jean arrives shortly together with the chief after their meeting with Pochard regarding the dissolvement of the Inspection Department for the reason that it is no longer needed since Dowa has been peaceful for over a hundred years. Jean then reveals to his subordinates that the Inspection Department will be dissolved. The three female members hugged each other while crying from the fact that they will have to split up. The chief reminds Jean of his trip. Jean sighs annoyed that his trip will still resume even if the Inspection Department will be dissolved soon.


the five chiefs discussing about the dissolvement of the Inspection Agency

The scene shifts to the five chiefs discussing about the shutting down of the inspection department. It is seen that Grossular was the one who greatly approves of it while the rest are stating the reasons why it is still necessary.

Jean arrives at Famasu and is greeted by Famasu Branch supervisor Eida. On their way to the HQ, Eida boasts that 90% of the country's agricultural industry is from Famasu.


Jean and Eida

Jean reveals to Eida that the Inspection Department Department will be shut down soon which surprises her. They stopped at a diner for a break.

They arrive at Famasu HQ where Jean begins his inspection. Jean shows some catalogs to the Head of the Famasu Branch and says that he can keep anything that he likes while Eida was watching from outside of the room. Later, she asks Jean about earlier which he replies that it was an errand from a president of a company that he knows. Jean then discovers an inconsistency on the logs of the inspectors' shift and contacts his HQ through video call where he requests the original logs from Knot. Jean reveals to Eida that the data has been tampered with. They then went to the west station by plane.


At the west station, Jean looks carefully into the records as he deduced the reasons behind the inconsistency of the logs from earlier and exposing the truth of the involvement of the two inspectors in some shady activity involving illegal cigarette makers. After that, it is seen that Jean and Eida were sitting a top of a hill overlooking the entire famasu district discussing the future of ACCA without the Inspection Department.


Jean returns to the HQ along with some souvenirs that he brought along from Famasu. Greeted by his subordinates, he then finds out that the Inspection department will not be dissolved anymore.The scene shifts to a disappointed Eida.

Pastice and Spade are seen discussing in a room. Spade states that even though it has its faults, the Inspection department will no longer be terminated for the reason that it can uncover forms of corruption at early stages and thus it was just reasonable. The scene shifts to Lilium and Payne.


Payne was wondering why Grossular, the one who strongly supported the dissolvement of the Inspection department was somehow fine with the decision. Which Lilium replies to that only few can understand that man to begin with.

It is seen that Grossular is watching Jean while talking to someone on his phone. He then tells the person on the other side that he wants Jean monitored.

Jean appears from the station and saw that there was a fire on Badon. While searching for his lighter in his pockets, a rookie cop tells Jean that smoking is a luxury and he should not do it out on the streets which he just ignores.


Jean goes back to the HQ, he finds out that there was an order from the five chiefs that he has to inspect all thirteen branches in the course of six months only. He discusses it further with the head of the branch. While outside Jean senses that he was being watched and decides to go back to their apartment. Lotta is speaking with a resident regarding a problem on their light bulb. Jean resumes smoking on the rooftop.

The next morning Jean again sees the rookie cop in front of the bakery, the cop was somehow annoyed at Jean for losing in their argument.

At the Badon branch HQ,Jean is seen talking to the branch supervisor regarding his surprise inspection today, when they saw the director-general Mauve enter who was also there for inspection.



Mauve sees Jean and commends him for doing his work.

On their way back, Jean decides that they should drop by the cafe at the HQ. There they saw Payne and Lilium were the three of them discussed how the Inspection Department managed to avoid termination.


Jean states that he had requested to transfer to a different department a number of times already and that it doesn't change the fact that the Inspection department is irrelevant whether he is there or not hinting there is a reason why they want him to remain at the Inspection department. Jean then asks if something big is about to happen. Lilium replies that it is unsure,but if there were any, the Inspection Department would be the first to know. Mauve sees them from outside and salutes.

After the discussion, Payne and Lilium excused themselves, Jean and the supervisor left shortly. Apparently, Jean left his lighter on the table and the rookie cop took it.

At a bar, Jean is drinking with his friend Nino, he searches for his lighter but cant find it at the end.

Grossular is seen talking with someone about a rumor regarding a Coup d'état in the final scene.

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