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Episode 12
Episode 12
Episode 12
Airdate March 28, 2017
Ending "Our Place"
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"Episode 11"

"Where the Bird Flies"[1] is the 12th and the final episode of the ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka anime, which premiered on March 28, 2017.


ACCA members gather one last time to prepare for the coup d'état on ACCA's centennial anniversary ceremony taking place the next day, where Prince Schwan will make an appearance.


In Dowa Castle, Qualm meets the King by his bedside. The King asks if Schwan has left the castle and remarks that what is about to happen to the prince is cruel, but for the best. The King thanks Qualm for his service, and for allowing him to see Schnee's children. Qualm promises the King that the Otus siblings will meet him face-to-face soon enough.

It is the night before ACCA's centennial anniversary ceremony. The Five Chiefs, Jean, Mauve, and members of all 13 ACCA branches are having their final meeting regarding the coup d'état. Jean ensures everyone that the plan will be a success. Fearing that the shock would engender obstinance in Prince Schwan, he requests that his identity as prince and heir royal be concealed until a later date. After the meeting, Jean is seen outside talking to Grossular. Grossular questions whether Jean will commit to the coup and assume his place as the new king, however, Jean avoids the question. Jean tries to get Grossular to reveal his own thoughts on the coup, but he refuses. The assembled ACCA members break up into groups. Rail and his fellow Badon officers meet to receive their orders for the coup; many express uncertainty about the success of the plan. Rail worries that the coup will not succeed if the Otus' siblings royal blood is not announced.

In his hotel room, Prince Schwan nervously buries himself into a pillow. Maggie is in a call with the guard commander for tomorrow's ceremonies, and expresses his concerns about the small number of guards assigned to protect the prince. The King and Qualm have apparently reduced the guard detail for tomorrow so as to not stand on pretense. On the day of the coup, Nino assures Abend that he'll be able to protect Lotta even if he's too weak to help Jean. In a flashback to his hospitalization in Furawau, Nino recalls Jean scolding him for nearly sacrificing his own life to protect him and Lotta. Jean begrudgingly allows Nino to continue protecting him, but asks Nino to try to have some fun while doing it.

At the ACCA centennial, Lotta is surprised to see Jean along with the other high ranking officials infront. The ceremony begins and the significant officials of ACCA deliver their respective speech. When it was Schwan's turn, he is immediately surrounded by several armed men of ACCA. Lilium steps forward and reveals Schwan's plan of disbanding ACCA, which causes a commotion. Schwan speculates that a coup is happening and Jean will be the one to replace him as the crowned Prince. Mauve steps forward and assures Schwan that there is no coup happening and everything was just an elaborate exercise. Saying that ACCA only exists to protect the nation. Schwan then entrusts ACCA to continue to protect the nation and with that the continued existence of ACCA is assured. Apparently no coup d'état was going to happen. Lilium and his brothers realizes that they were the only ones left in the dark. Jean reveals that he had already foreseen through Lilium's plan which is to usurp the Dowa family position. Jean states that when he and Mauve met at Korore and he was informed that he is of royal blood, they planned beforehand. Lastly, Jean says that they've won the game with ACCA's existence being assured and asks Lilium if he will still continue to play the game. Lilium admits defeat and says that Furawau will leave the game before leaving. The game called "Dowa Kingdom", hinting that Furawau will not be a part of the Kingdom anymore. Grossular commends Mauve and repeats the speech that he had done a long time ago, before leaving, he appoints Mauves as the leader since the 5 chief officers are no longer needed and will now be abolished, making her the highest ranking official in ACCA.

Jean and Lotta meets with Schwan and Maggie after the ceremony. Schwan invites them to visit the castle sometime and that will make their grandfather happy.

Everything is back to normal at the ACCA headquarters. With the positions of the five chief officers abolished, Mauve is now the highest ranking official. the former Chief officers are shown in their respective home districts except Grossular who was dissuaded by Mauve to retire and is now an adviser.

Lotta decides to take up Prince Schwan's offer and visits Dowa Castle, bringing sandwich bread that Rail helped her pick out. She gifts it to Schwan and Maggie, and also instructs that some be given to the First Princess (to the astonishment of both men). Although Schwan reminds her that the Princess tried to kill her, Lotta reveals that she has already forgiven her for it. Lotta is later seen with Maggie and Schwan by the King's bedside, enjoying the sandwich bread she brought.

In Furawau, the disgraced Lilium family are revealed to have seceded from the Kingdom of Dowa just as former Chief Officer Lilum warned. Although ousted by their peers after the coup, the Liliums seem totally unconcerned with seeking revenge, stating that it's "nothing to do with the Lilium Family, or with Furawau Kingdom".

Nino is seen talking to a mysterious blonde man infront of his fathers grave. It's evident that the man is Abend, Nino's father and his handler, despite his dyed hair. It turns out that President Qualm had foreseen everything that happened and that Abend was directing Nino according to his instructions. Abend says that Nino is now free of his duties and he is free to do what he wants. As they part ways, Abend's true identity is revealed as none other than Owl.

Jean passes by Cafe Nido and is spotted by Grossular and Mauve. He salutes them, mirroring Mauve's own salute to Jean in Episode 1. As he returns to headquarters, his female subordinates worries if he is eating properly since Lotta is still out. Jean smiles and says that he is fine, he continues that even if he is drinking by himself, he is sure that his partner in crime will be there before taking a puff on his cigarette.

In a flashback, Jean reflects on a meeting he had with Mauve (presumably in Korore whilst planning for the coup). He tells Mauve of how his parents died in a train accident, and the role that Grossular played in accepting responsibility for the event and also in consoling the bereaved (including him). Jean tells Mauve that Grossular is a noble and perceptive man, and may have known of his royal blood even when they first met. Jean notes that Mauve has similar opinions of Grossular, although hers are of unrequited love. He reveals that he harbors such feelings for her, too; Mauve acknowledges her feelings for Grossular but coolly denies Jean, claiming that "you are the same way".

In the post-credits epilogue, Jean and Nino are seen on the night of their high school prom. Jean sits alone on a bench far away from the party and Nino joins him. Nino, despite having been named prom king, jokingly crowns Jean and takes a photo of him, telling him "it's more suited to you". The flashback ends and we return to the present day, where Jean is drinking at a bar. He drops his lighter and Nino appears to pick it up. The episode ends as Jean remarks "we really haven't changed, have we?"


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