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Furawau Skyline
Country Dowa

Furawau was one of the 13 wards of the Kingdom of Dõwã. Located on the southern part of the island (the bird's belly), it's a highly developed, urbanised region, owing to its rich energy deposits (Oil, gas) that much of the Dõwã Kingdom depends on , with Furawau supplying up to 90% of Dõwã's oil). One of ACCA's Five Section Chiefs, Lilium, is from Furawau, and his family is implied to be one of, if not the leaders of Furawau, having important say in its governance and politics. Following Section Chief Lilium's failed attempted coup d'etat against ACCA and Dõwã Kingdom, Furawau separated from Dõwã, leaving it with only 12 Wards.


Furawau borders the arid Pranetta to the north, bountiful Jumõku to the east, tropical Hare to its south (separated by a body of water), and fertile Fãmasu to the west. It is implied that only the southern parts of Furawau is habitable/inhabited, since its northern areas near and around its border with Pranetta are dry and desolate, and hold no meaningful resources. Most habitation areas in Furawau are in cities in the south, close to the ocean. Despite its desert-like geography, flowers of all sorts grow really well in Furawau. In fact, the ward is known for its flower plantations, which are ubiquitous and used to decorate its cities, and is also one of the ward's most well-known exports. Furawau is also rich in energy deposits like oil and gas, so rich that the entire Dõwã Kingdom heavily depends on Furawau for its energy needs. This resulted in Furawau's high standards of living, development (especially in stark contrast to Pranetta), and clout within the wider Kingdom.

Branch office[]

File:Furawau branch.png

Suitsu Branch office

Little is known about ACCA's presence in Furawau, except that the ACCA Branch Manager at Furawau was from Section Chief Lilium's family (his younger brother), and that other senior ACCA officers stationed at Furawau seemed to have close connections with Section Chief Lilium's family in general, with one officer being a witness that gave up Furawau's (or Lilium's) coup plan/attempt towards ACCA and Kingdom of Dõwã to ACCA Director Mauve, proving her suspicions of the existence of a coup.




  • Owing to its masses of energy resources, architecture, the skin tone of its people, and governance, it is highly likely that Furawau is based on rich Persian Gulf monarchies in real life, such as the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.
  • Furawau is Japanese romanisation for flower, something the ward is known for.

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