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Jean Otus
Kanji ジーン・オータス
Romaji Jīn Ōtasu
Alias Cigarette Peddler Jean
Personal Details
Status Alive
Gender Male
Relatives King Falke II (Grandfather)
Princess Schnee (Mother)
Karl Otus (Father)
Lotta Otus (sister)
Prince Schwan (cousin)
Occupation Inspector
Ward Badon
Professional Details
Affiliation ACCA
Department Inspections Department
Rank Deputy Chief
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Shimono Hiro
English Austin Tindle
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Jean Otus is the protagonist of ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka, the Deputy Chief of the inspections department at the ACCA head office, his nickname is "cigarette peddler" Jean. He likes bread and strawberries. Jean shows displeasure in working in the Inspection Department at ACCA and has tried several times in submitting requests for a transfer, something that Grossular denies ever happening. He lives in Celebrity Mansion in the center of the city and rooms on the top floor with his younger sister Lotta.


Jean has bowl-cut blond hair with blue eyes. His skin is an olive toned, and he looks to be muscular underneath. His everyday clothes usually consists of the ACCA uniform; a black jacket with silver buttons down the middle and four silver buttoned pockets on each side. Underneath is a white shirt with a red tie, gold pins on either side of the collar. He has an ACCA 13 patch on his right shoulder, a red ACCA bird on it to symbolize the nation. His trousers usually consist of black fabric with a light grey line going down the side of it. His shoes are known to be black dress shoes. Sometimes, when Jean goes out, he wears a black cloak over his uniform and sometimes employs casual clothes when he's travelling to other districts.



Jean is a very emotionally reserved man, typically wearing the same nondescript expression throughout his days regardless of what he is doing. That is not to say that he is emotionless, however, as he values the relationships he has with his friends, his sister and his coworkers in ACCA. He is an affable and easygoing individual, willing to strike up friendships with people he has only just met (provided they treat him respectfully). Even when he meets someone who initially treats him with disdain, he makes some effort to better their relationship. He is never shown getting angry or sad throughout the series, and the only time he was shown upset was when watching the news of his parents' death as a teenager. He enjoys smoking cigarettes and happily indulges in this habit whenever someone offers him one. However, he gets drunk rather easily and tends to drop his stoic demeanor and open up whenever intoxicated. Once he learns of this weakness of his, he makes efforts to avoid drinking.

As a Deputy Chief of the Inspections Department, Jean is shown to be very competent. Underneath his passive façade, Jean is indeed very intelligent and was able to pass the strict exam to be part of the central administration of ACCA. His keen senses also allow him to always know when he is being observed.



He is Jean's best friend. They often drink together after work, and even though it was because of his job, Nino always enjoyed Jean and Lotta's company. When Jean discovered Nino was an agent that was observing him, instead of getting angry at him, he immediately assumed that Nino may have had a reason to do so and asked Nino to go eat with him and Lotta another time. This shows how much trust and faith Jean has in Nino, their fifteen years of friendship making him believe so. As a result, their friendship wasn't affected by this revelation and Jean stayed the best and only friend of Nino. After the ceremony, him and Jean are even seen together still drinking in a bar.


Jean is the son of Princess Schnee, the 2nd Princess of the Dowaa Kingdom, daughter of King Falke II, and Karl Otus. The King gave Princess Schnee freedom and disguised her death in the sea along with Abend, a respected Guard Corps leader of Dowaa Kingdom tasked to be the Princess's personal guard.

When Schnee and Abend moved to Badon ward, Nino's father, a loyal retainer of Abend followed him and took Nino along to help watch over Schnee. Upon arriving to Badon ward, Schnee parted with Abend, giving him total freedom. However, he continued to watch over Schnee along with Nino's father. Nino's father secretly took photos of Schnee so he can send reports to Abend and King Falke on any kind of developments that happened in Schnee's life. Due to his father's role, Nino came to get accustomed to watching over Princess Schnee's family as well, even after she married Karl Otus and later gave birth to Jean and Lotta. When the train accident happened, Nino was told by Abend to retrieve his father's camera so that it won't be revealed that a member of Dowaa Royal Family is involved in the incident.

Jean along with Mauve, and the other four members of the Five Chiefs are aware of the fact that Lilium is behind the coup to install Jean as the new king. They go along with Lilium's plan up until the very end where the reveal that they knew about Lilium and Furawau's plan to install Jean as the king.

Jean is aware of the fact that is of royal blood and the heir to the throne which he finds out from Mauve in episode 7.

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