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Romaji Jumõku
Country Dowa
Debut Episode 2

Jumõku , or Jeumoc (according to some translation), is one of the 13 wards of the Kingdom of Dõwã. Located on the south-eastern part of the island (the bird's "chest"), Jumõku is, like Famasu, known for its agricultural produce, though for a different reason. Successful agricultural reforms, revitalisation, and improvements has led to an exponential increase of the physical size of its agricultural produce and subsequentially its cuisine, which resulted in Jumõku-born people being substantially taller and larger than those from other wards of the Kingdom (it was quoted by Koruri, a Jumõku ACCA branch representative during Jean's visit to Jumõku that the average height of Jumõkuans have increased again to 2,2 metres). One of ACCA's Five Section Chiefs, Pine, is from this ward.


Jumõku shares land border to the north with the traditional and classical Suitsu, the royal ward of Dowa, and proudly feminist Korore. To its east and south is the ocean, and to the west it shares land borders with the arid Pranetta ward, as well as the oil-rich Furawau. Jumõku is seemingly fertile and arboreous, and its fertility is the reason as to why people from Jumõku are so well-fed and gigantic, especially so when compared to people from other districts of the Kingdom (Section Chief Pine is a good example of this).

Branch office[]

Jomoku branch

Jomoku Branch office

The Jumõku ACCA branch office is known for its effectiveness, but it suffers from having relatively ancient tech infrastructure, resulting in its mainframe computer being broken during Jean's audit there and him having to work extra to help restore the branch's ACCA data.



Uniform - Jumoku Ward

Known locations[]


2 basswood


Basswood is a popular fast food restaurant that serves burgers, fries, onion rings, and cakes. Their food is known for being especially delicious and high-quality, though its often "jumbo" portions (but normal size for people from Jumõku) can be a deterrent to non-Jumõkuans.


2 jumoku hotel

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