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Lilium anime
Kanji リーリウム
Romaji Rīriumu
Personal Details
Status Alive
Relatives Older brother
Younger brother
Ward Furawau
Professional Details
Affiliation ACCA
Rank Chief
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Yusa Koji
English Jason Liebrecht
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Lilium (リーリウム Rīriumu) is one of the five heads of ACCA. He is a dark-skinned man, who believes the Jean is not involved with the rumored coup d'etat.





Lilium is the main force behind the coup d'etat along with Grossular, whom Lilium seems to have full control over (Episode 9). Lilium worked alongside Jean, Mauve, and the other four Chiefs to stop Prince Schwan from dismantling ACCA, and giving himself full control of the Kingdom of Dowa. Lilium wanted to install Jean as the King of Dowa as he knew of Jean and Lotta's royal bloodline. Lilium, and by extension Furawau, wanted to install Jean as king because they believed that they would be able to control Jean as a puppet king. When it is revealed that Jean, Mauve, and the Chiefs knew of Lilium's plan from the beginning, Furawau leaves the Kingdom of Dowa, hoping that their abundance of natural resources would force the Kingdom of Dowa to let them back in under favorable terms for Furawau. Unfortunately for Furawau, Pranetta finds large quantities of these same natural resources, putting Furawau's plan dead in the water. It is unknown if Furawau ever rejoins the Dowa Kingdom.

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