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ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.
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Anime Television Series
Directed by Shingo Natsume
Written by Tomohiro Suzuki
Studio Madhouse
Licensed by Funimation
Network Tokyo MX SUN KBS TSC BS11
Original run January 10, 2017 – present
Episodes 12

An anime television series adaptation of the manga was announced in May 2016.[1] The anime is produced by Madhouse and directed by Shingo Natsume, with Tomohiro Suzuki handling series composition, Norifumi Kugai designing the characters and Ryō Takahashi composing the series' soundtrack.[2][3] The series premiered on January 10, 2017 at 23:00 JST on Tokyo MX and later premiered on Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Setouchi and BS11.[4] It will be released across three home video release volumes containing four episodes each, totalling twelve episodes.[5] Funimation has licensed the series in North America.[6]

The opening theme song, titled "Shadow and Truth", is performed by ONE III NOTES, while the ending theme song, titled "Pērumūn ga Yureteru" (ペールムーンがゆれてる?, lit. "The Pale Moon Sways"), is performed by Aira Yuhki.[7]

Acca-kun's ACCA Course (アッカァくんのACCA講座 Acca-kun no ACCA Kōza?), an original net animation animated by W-Toon Studio, began its release on the official anime's Twitter account in November 2016. It features an anime original super deformed mascot character named Acca-kun (アッカァくん).[8]


# Title Director Airdate
1 "Jean the Cigarette-Peddler"
"Morai Tabako no Jīn" (もらいタバコのジーン)
Shingo Natsume January 10, 2017
Jean was informed that ACCA inspection agency will be dissolved. He was then given a task to go on a last inspection in Famasu but he uncovers a corruption inside the agency which saved their agency from being dissolved.
2 "The Partner in Crime's Name is Nino"
"Akuyū (Tomo) no Na wa Nīno" (悪友(とも)の名はニーノ)
Shin Wakabayashi January 17, 2017
Jean was about to be framed as an arsonist by Rail but he found him before he could do something with the help of his friend, Nino who was secretly a member of ACCA named as Crow.
3 "The Swirling Smoke of Rumors in the Castle"
"Shiro ni Tadayou Uwasa no Kemuri" (城にただよう噂の煙)
Yōsuke Hatta January 24, 2017
Jean was ordered to go on a party organized by the Dowa Kingdom's King, King Falke II in Oulu's place along with Knot. The party starts but a conspiracy involving him is brewing that he is planning a coup d'état.
4 "Smoldering Embers in an Isolated Nation"
"Tozasareta “Kuni” no Kusuburi" (閉ざされた『国』のくすぶり)
Nobuhiro Mutō January 31, 2017
Jean has come to Suitsu District to do an audit. In Suitsu, excessive safeguards to uphold tradition and formality have restricted the exchange of goods and ideas between district residents and the outside world. Their isolation could be felt even by Jean, who then runs into residents discussing a coup by accident. Fearing disclosure, they kidnap Jean. Jean is about to learn a lot more about Suitsu residents and their opinions... 
5 "Overlapping Footprints in the Distance"
"Shisen no Saki, Omonaru Ashiato" (視線の先、重なる足跡)
Naoyuki Kuzuya February 7, 2017
Back from his Suitsu audit, Jean asks his supervisor, Owl, about the status of his transfer request. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely to be approved anytime soon. As Jean leaves to go home, Chief Officer Lilium offers him a ride, where he tells Jean that he is being watched. Jean soon leaves for Birra District for yet another audit, where he comes to learn a troubling truth...
6 "Where Pride and Train Tracks Lead"
"Senro to Hokori no Mukau Saki" (線路と誇りの向かう先)
Shigatsu Yoshikawa February 14, 2017
In Rokkusu District for an audit, Jean finds Grossular visiting his homeland. Jean has an honest conversation with Grossular about his thoughts on the coup rumors before he departs. Back in Bādon, the Inspection Department staff are abuzz with plans to celebrate the coming new year. Eventually, they decide to go to the party held at Jean's apartment complex. Jean welcomes the new year surrounded by his colleagues.
7 "The Truth Emerges in the Night Mists"
"Yogiri ni Ukabu Shinjitsu" (夜霧にうかぶ真実)
Yōsuke Hatta February 21, 2017
Jean's next destination happens to be Dōwā District, where the royal house resides. Jean is deep in thought about the coup rumors in which he has become inextricably entwined, but there are too many variables for him to make sense of where things may be headed. Jean goes out into the city to buy Lotta presents, but it so happens that the king is also having his outing in the city, and there are many guards out on the road... 
8 "The Princess Who Spread Her Wings and the Friend Who Had a Duty"
The time has come for Nino to tell Jean everything. He begins the very long tale by going 33 years back into the past, with the royal family involved...
9 "A Graceful Black Adder Bears Its Fangs"
While Jean is away on an extended trip to audit three districts in a row, there are signs of unrest that begin to close in on Lotta. Magie contacts Rail that Lotta is in danger upon learning of the events set in motion. Rail acts to protect Lotta, but the shadowy figures draw ever closer.
10 "Starfall in a City Without a Sky"
Various wheels begin to turn at ACCA Headquarters as the prospect of a coup looms ever closer. After receiving yet another cigarette in Yakkara, Jean heads to Pranetta where only rocks and sand can be found and the denizens live underground. Despite living under such harsh conditions, the people of Pranetta are full of hope that their mining industry will succeed.


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