ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Wikia
Kanji ニーノ
Romaji Nīno
Alias Crow
Personal Details
Gender Male
Occupation Reporter (as Nino)
Undercover (as Crow)
Professional Details
Affiliation ACCA
Department Internal Affairs Research Department
Manga Chapter 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Tsuda Kenjirō
English Christopher Bevins
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Nino is Jean’s friend since high school and a works as a reporter. His hobby is motorcycling and he likes chocolate. He is close with Jean and his sister, Lotta. He is only known as "Crow" under the ACCA 5 chiefs.


Nino is a tall young man with pale skin, blue eyes, and shaggy blue hair that is swept slightly to right. He often wears a pair of dark glasses, but can go without them. Usually he is seen in a black turtleneck shirt, blue jeans, and heavy black boots.



Nino's father is a loyal retainer of Abend, Princess Schnee's personal guard. When it's decided that Abend will go with Schnee to Badon after their faked sea accident, Nino's father decided to follow his master so he can help him out watching over the Princess. At first, Nino was meant to be left to a relative, but Nino learned of the plan and asked Abend to let him go along with them so he can help his father out, which Abend approved.

Upon arriving to Badon ward, Schnee parted with Abend, giving him total freedom however he continued to watch over her with the help of Nino's father. Nino's father secretly took photos of Schnee so he could send reports to Abend and King Falke about things that happened to the Princess. When Schnee fell in love with Karl, a poor young baker, Abend decided to build a large apartment mansion in the city and made Karl a manager in charge of it, so Karl could finally marry Schnee.

After Jean and Lotta was born, Nino helped out now and then in watching over Otus family. When Jean got into high school, Nino's father had him enrolled in the same school despite Nino having turned 25 years old by then, just so Nino could watch over and took photos of Jean while in school. Nino and Jean officially become acquainted to each other in the school and became close friends.

When the train accident that caused the death of Jean's parents happened, Nino's father was also in the same car to watch over them as usual and he was declared dead. Nino watched the news on TV while receiving a call from Abend, who told him to retrieve any kind of proof that may lead to the revelation that a member of the Dowaa Royal Family was involved. Getting to the crash site to retrieve his father's broken camera, Nino then decided to continue his father's job in watching over Jean and Lotta, taking care of the siblings with after they lost their parents.

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