The Pale Moon
Pale Moon Cover iTunes
Performed by
Kanji ペールムーンがゆれてる
Romaji Pale Moon ga Yureteru
Release date March 1st, 2017
Length 4:53
Label High Position
(distributed by Bandai Visual)
Composed by Ryo Takahashi (高橋 諒)[1]
Arranged by Ryo Takahashi (高橋 諒)
Lyrics by Aira Yuuki

"Pale Moon ga Yureteru" (in English, The Pale Moon) is the ending theme song of the ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. anime adaptation. It is performed by Aira Yuuki.


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寄り添った そっと

Do you know?
Do you mind?
おぼろ月 淡くゆれてた

madoromu anata no kage ni
yorisotta sotto
hibiku no wa koi no kodou to
shizuka na neiki dake

Do you know?
toikaketa kotoba
kayowaku matte kieteyuku
Do you mind?
omottemo ii desu ka
oborodzuki awaku yureteta[2]

As you begin to doze off
I quietly nestle closer to your shadow
All I can hear is the pulse of love
And your sleeping breaths

Do you know?
The words of my question to you
Are so fragile, they scatter and disappear
Do you mind?
Is it all right if I feel this way?
The moon faintly wavers in the hazy sky[3]



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  2. Romanji by Lyrical Nonsense
  3. English translation by FUNimation Entertainment
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