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Princess Schnee


Kanji シュネー
Romaji Shunee
Personal Details
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Relatives King Falke II (Father)
Karl Otus (Husband)
Jean Otus (Son)
Lotta Otus (Daughter)
Ward Dowa
Professional Details
Manga Chapter 21
Voice Actors
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Princess Schnee is the second princess who died 33 years ago in a train accident. She was rumored to be beautiful like snow. Her father was thoughtful of her wish to have freedom than to live in the royal family.


Princess Schnee is the 2nd daughter of King Falke II, and the mother of Jean and Lotta. Due to her desire to live among the people, and not in the castle anymore, Kuvarum came up with the plan to fake her death. Along with her bodyguard Abend, the two were to accidentally die out at sea, while on a trip to Peshi. Allowing Schnee the ability to live free of her royal duties. Abend told this to his friend and loyal follower, Nino's father, that he was going to Badon and was going to live there. Nino's father decided to follow him. After making their way to Bãdon, Schnee released Abend of his duties and the two went separate paths. Schnee eventually fell in love with Karl Otus, a baker, whom she married and had her two children with. Even after they fled the palace, King Falke II was informed of the 2nd Princess' situations and her 2 children with the help of Nino's father. Years later, Schnee and Karl went on a train trip, leaving Jean and Lotta at home. However the train got into an accident and the two died along with Nino's father, who was still keeping an eye on them for the king. King Falke thought Jean and Lotta died too after the incident and Nino never informed the Royal family, but he kept on with his father's legacy and continued watching Jean and Lotta.


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