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3 Suitsu
Romaji Sweet tsu
Country Dowa
Debut Episode 4

Suitsu is located in the north of the country are Korore, Dowa, Jumoku, Planetta, and Rokkusu. In Suitsu, there is limited are of communication for the branch of headquarters, photography, dining and shopping are limited too. Traveling back and forth to other wards have also been limited. Commoners have been issuing complaints and even attempted coup d'etat but ACCA's aristocrat staffs covered them up due to some senior nobles. Suitsu's representative congressman for Central Congress is Beurre.

Branch office[]

Suitsu branch

Suitsu Branch office

The ACCA presence in Suitsu is somewhat different from most branches. The majority of the members are made up of commoners, but the senior rank are dominated by members of lesser noble families. Due to this discrepancy, the government does it's best to keep the current status quo so they can continue to enjoy their higher class privilege, saying that they are only maintaining "tradition."

There have been many attempts at coup d'etats in the past, but the government always pulls a gag order to keep news of the commoners' restlessness and dissatisfaction quiet from the rest of Dowa. Despite ACCA having to arrest and subdue these uprisings, they refrain from using their weapons against the rebels because they are each other's friends, neighbors, and families.



Uniform - Suitsu Ward

Known locations[]


4 chez pierre


A cafe resteraunt with outdoor seating. While visiting Suitsu, Jean was enticed to eat there with the smell of their food, and ordered a bowl of stew.[1]

Suitsu district office[]

4 suitsu district office

District office.

The district office is the main governmental office of Suitsu which acts more autonomously than most Dowa districts.


The hotel located across from the ACCA Suitsu branch. Jean stayed in room 301.

North sector[]

The north sector is considered the most isolated sector of Suitsu, but is in fact just an area where nobles don't live in. One of the Suitsu coup d'etat meeting place is in the sector.

West sector[]

One of the Suitsu coup d'etat meeting place is in the sector. ACCA discovered it leading to immediate action by the rebels to stage an attack on Suitsu's district office.

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